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3G's Breakfast Menu

Served Monday - Saturday: 8am - 11am | Sunday: 8am - 2pm

For Egg Beaters & Egg Whites, add $1.00
To Substitute Fresh Fruit Salad, add $.95
2 Eggs any style for $2.99 & 1 Egg for $1.99

A * denotes items served all day

3G's Specials

10.95*Cholesterol Free Omelette

Made with Fresh Egg Whites. Stuffed with onions, peppers and mushrooms. Served with potatoes, grits or oatmeal, toast or bagel.

Breakfast Special

Two (2) farm fresh eggs (any-style), home fried potatoes, grits, or oatmeal, toast or bagel & coffee.

Served with two eggs for $4.99 | One Egg for $4.59

10.95Breakfast of Champions

2 eggs, 2 pancakes, bacon or sausage, potatoes, grits or oatmeal.

10.95*Garden Omelette & Cheese

Our 4 egg omelette with spinach, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, peppers & Swiss

*Omelette Creations

Items Served All Day

Our Omelettes are made with 4 eggs and served with choice of Home Fried Potatoes, French Fries or Vine Ripe Tomatoes

7.95Plain Omelette

8.95Cheese Omelette

10.95Spanish Omelette

Salsa, onions, mushrooms, olives and cheddar cheese

10.95Western Omelette

10.95Corned Beef & Swiss Omelette

10.75Mushroom, Onion, & Swiss Omelette

10.95Greek Omelette

Filled with spinach, onions and tomato, black olives and feta

10.95Pastrami & Swiss Omelette

12.50Norwegian Omelette

Nova Scotia Salmon, grilled onions, tomatoes & olives

10.75Ham or Sausage or Bacon & Cheese Omelette

10.95Egg White Florentine Omelette

Spinach, mushrooms, onions and Swiss

11.953G's New York Omelette

Corned Beef, pastrami and Swiss

Breakfast Favorites

11.95*Nova, Eggs & Onions

11.95*Lox (Salty), Eggs & Onions

11.95*Salami & Eggs

7.953G's Challah French Toast

Made with our Homemade Challah or Gluten Free French Toast for $8.50

11.95*Corned Beef Hash & Eggs

5.95Pancakes (3)

With maple syrup

Pancakes are served till 11 am.

One Pancake: Plain $2.25 | Blueberry or Chocolate chip $2.75

10.95Fruit & Nut French Toast

Made with raisins, dates, walnuts, dried apples, dried cranberries and cinnamon

6.95Blueberry Pancakes

6.95Chocolate Chip Pancakes

The Finest Smoked Fish

12.95Nova, Bagel & Cream Cheese

23.95Nova & Whitefish Platter

19.95Nova Scotia or Lox Platter

Hand-slice it and served on a bed of lettuce with cream cheese, tomato, onion

19.95Baked Salmon Platter

26.50Deluxe Fish Platter for "One"

Nova, Whitefish, Sable, Baked Salmon

11.95Whitefish Salad Appetizer

14.95Sable, Bagel & Cream Cheese

47.95Deluxe Fish Platter for "Two"

Nova, Whitefish, Sable, Baked Salmon.

Breakfast Side Orders

0.75Fresh Rye or Toast

2.25Bagel with Butter

4.25Grilled Ham Steak

2.75Bagel with Cream Cheese

3.75Bacon (4 pieces) or Sausage (3 links)

1.50Home Fried Potatoes

2.25Fresh Fruit Cup

6.95Corned Beef Hash (Homemade)

2.95Bowl of Grits or Oatmeal

1.75Cup of Grits or Oatmeal

2.75NEW! Gluten Free Bread Available

1.25Sliced Tomatoes or Onions


2.25Fresh Ground Coffee

1.95Hot Tea & Iced Tea

3.25Large Fresh Orange Juice

1.75Small Fresh Orange Juice

2.25Milk (Whole or Skim)

2.50Chocolate Milk

The F.D.A. advises consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs increases your risk of foodborne illnesses. 

Latest Food Service report available upon request

Items & Prices Are Subject To Change